A FaceTime viewing!

A FaceTime viewing-!just another way Grays & Co are making a difference for our clients.

So you've seen a property a few hundred miles away.  You are time poor, there are no other properties available at the moment that you might be interested in.  Do you just jump in the car or on the train and go?

Well if its available through Grays & Co you'll find we'll do whatever we can to help.  For our couple from Scotland we arranged a viewing in the normal way but they stayed at home and Jon Sheppard, branch director in Beverley went to the property with his trusty iPhone for company. 

With a FaceTime call with the viewers in Scotland he was able to show them round, almost as though they were there, looking closer at things they wanted to check, going back to areas they wanted to look at again and making the whole experience as comprehensive and immersive as possible.  Yes, its possible to do 3D tours but that doesn't allow you to ask questions as you view and look at things from a different viewpoint other than you are being shown.

All in all a very satisfying experience for all concerned, saving the viewers time and money, giving our client the opportunity of getting a viewing that may not have happened for a while or at all and allowing us to secure a viewing and demonstrate to our client that we were definitely the right choice of agent.

And wat happened after?  Well the viewers love the house and are making plans to come and see it very soon, comfortable in the knowledge that it passed its screen test so is worth the investment in time and money to see it live.

At Grays & Co, making a difference in marketing, negotiations, communication and sales progression is what we want to do.  If you'd like this approach from your agent, why not contact us today, by phone,email, post,website Facebook and arrange for us to come and talk to you about what we can do to make a difference for you and your property.

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